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North of Norway, county of Troms September 2007:
Light objects photographed from ship.

- very similar to light objects photographed near English crop circle in 2005.

On the 17th of September 2007, the Norwegian woman Inghill Harjo travelled southwards from Køllefjord in
the county of Finnmark to the town of Tromsø in the county of Troms, aboard the ship MS Trollfjord, one of
the "Hurtigruta"ships (renowned Norwegian coastal liners).
These costal liners call on several harbours during their voyages along the Norwegian coast, and Inghill took
many photographs of the changing scenery on the way.

At dusk (about 7 pm), as the ship approached the small community of Skjervøy, she was standing on the deck looking in a south-westerly direction watching a flock of seagulls.

The small community of Skjervøy and surrounding landscapes.

Inghill raised her camera to photograph the seagulls. Looking through the viewfinder, she was startled to see two brightly shining balls of light among the seagulls. She had wanted to zoom in on the seagulls, but never got around to it. She immediately pressed the release button when she saw the lights.

The photograph was taken towards the soutwest at at 19.01pm, about 10 min. before the ship arrived at Skjervøy.
Photo: Inghill Harjo.

Inghill estimates that the objects were about 150 metres away from her when she photographed them, and
that they were 80-100cm in diameter. She explains that the balls of light came from above, then changing
direction and moving against her, before they finally moved upwards. All this happened in a second, with the objects staying within the field of vision of the viewfinder on her camera.
Just after she had taken the photo, the objects disappeared.

Because the ship was approaching the harbour of Skjervøy, the passengers had moved towards the landing
on the other side of the ship. Inghill was therefore alone in the aft, at the port side of the ship, when the light
objects appeared.

The light objects are the two white, round objects in the middle. The smaller white dots are the seagulls.

Enlarged sections of the photograph by Inghill Harjo.


had taken several photos of the landscapes during the minutes prior to the appearance of the lights. The camera
she used was a Fujifilm Finepix F30, 6.3 mega pixels (Fujinon zoom lens, 3x f=8-24,1:2.8 – 5.0). She had the camera set on automatic, which means that the flash light will automatically fire when there is little light. She is therefore not certain whether or not the flash light fired in the actual photograph.
She did not take any other photos in the same direction at the same location.

The section "Lights" where we have posted this story, is meant for light phenomena photographed in or around crop circles. Inghill sent us her photograph because she read the story on this site about Lene Ørnhoft, and saw
the photos she took near a crop circle in Avebury, England in July 2005. She realized how similar those light objects were to the ones she had photographed from the
ship. See Lene's photos here.

We find it interesting that such similar objects appear under such different conditions and in completely different contexts, and we have therefore chosen to present Inghill Harjo's photographs in this section meant for "crop circle related" light phenomena.


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