Gudbrandsdalen, Norway
River Lågen      
December 1965
circle in river ice

The below article was published in the Norwegain weekly magazine Aktuell number 50 in December 1965.
The article was provided to us from the organisation UFO Norway, found during a search in their extensive

The text in the article reads:

When you travel through the valley Gudbrandsdalen and have passed Sjoa, you can in the river Lågen, close to
Nordre Eide, witness a strange show. As soon as ice starts to form on the river surface in the autumn, the ice forms
circular carousels in the middle of the river. The currents of the river are such that the ice starts to revolve. And as
the temperatures continiously fall, the ice floe grows until it has reached such a size that it jams between the banks
of the river.
(Text/photo: -odd.)

Presented with thanks to UFO Norway.


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