Haukelifjell, Hardanger Mountain Plateau  
the Easter of 1991
formation in snow

Close up of one of the 3 markings

Photo: UFO-Norway

The photograph underneath is the original photo, showing 2 of the markings. Unfortunately this is the only
existing photo of the formation. According to the persons who first discovered the circles, a third mark had
also been visible. This however, was damaged and almost irrecognisable at the time the photographer
entered the site. 10-11 days had then past since the occurence, and due to the very mild weather conditions,

the circles had very much fallen in.

The long tracks that can be seen around the circles on the photograph were made by the observer's skis. It was
speculated that if a forth track had also been implicated, it would have been positioned
above the water surface.
(The formation was found close to the edge of a water).

Photo: UFO-Norway

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