Haukelifjell, Hardangervidda Sør  
the Easter of 1991
formation in snow

A rather unusual impression was found in the snow at Haukelifjell, at Easter in 1991. Three small circles,
fifty to sixty cm in diameter, that were found at Tovdal in the area of Midthei, were composed of several
five cm deep concentric rings. The distance from the edge of one circle to the edge of the next, was
approximately three

Unfortunately the photo only shows two of the circles. The long tracks that can be seen around the circles
on the photograph were made by the observer's skis. The drawing to the right, by the land owner, shows
the full impression
/ formation.

Prior to the discovery of the impression, the observers saw strange lights in the sky. Three subsequent
evenings, at the same time, they observed a “luminous object (changing colours, from red to shining
black to green),” hovering in a fixed position in the sky for half an hour, above the location where the
imprints were found.

The incident was reported to the organisation UFO Norway, that visited the location, and collected snow
samples from within the circles and from outside the pattern. In spite of the fact that the samples were
collected ten to eleven days after the formation was discovered, one of the samples from within the circles
showed a slight variation in bacterial growth compared to the control samples.

Source: UFO Norway. Published with permission.

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