Hommelstø, Brønnøy, Nordland         
The winter of 1997
circle in snow

Notice that the circle cannot be seen in this photograph that was taken at a later date.

On a winter day in 1997, Heidi Gråwe discovered a perfectly circular ring in the snow covering the field
situated close to her house. The ring measured
62 centimetres in diameter. “It was very sharp and accurate
and it was standing up from the snow cover by about six centimetres
. The new snow was covering all the
surroundings and there was no tracks to be seen anywhere near the ring or the field.”

Gråwe eventually forgot the incident, and some years ago she moved from the farm at Hommelstø. Only recently,
when she heard about other snow circles, did she again remember the ring, and contacted the Norwegian Crop
Circle group (on the 28th of February 2005) to report the formation

However, the photograph shows the area where the circle was located, approximately 50 metres to the right of
the two elks seen in th
e photograph.
The elks are standing in a cultivated field which continues outside the image
to the right
, and here the circle was found. The photo was taken from the veranda of the house where the
photographer lives

Photo: Heidi Gråwe

© Norwegian Crop Circle Group