Asker og Bærums Budstikke (the local newspaper)  - Web edition,  the 15th of February 2002 (translated).

Rotating attraction 

Many people were fascinated by the strange ice formation that was discovered and seen to be rotating on the surface of the
Sandvika River last Friday

The sight of the very “special” ice formation beneath the Hamang Bridge captivated a large number of intrigued spectators.
Many stopped to follow the ice formation as it slowly rotated on the river surface.  

Several people also contacted the newspaper to advise us about the formation. One theory is that the current in the river had
formed this large circular ice flake and made it rotate in the middle of the river. The edge of the “flake” had thus been ground
into a circular shape by the movement of the water. The sharp edge of the formation almost gave the impression of having been

Asker & Bærums Budstikke (local paper)

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