Snåsa, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway                   
11th of dec. 2003

PHOTO: Victoria Flasnes  (still photograph extracted from an amateurvideo)
11. des. 2003:  Enlargement of still photograph from an amateur video. The film was shot with a hand held
camera under bad light conditions, just before dark. The quality is therefore not very good. As the photographer
approached the formation, the video camera totally failed. The battery turned out to be drained and could not be

PHOTO: Thor Riseth, journalist at the local newspaper "Snåsningen" - Snåsa, 28th of January 2004.

28th of jan. 2004: One month later the ice cirlce was covered with deep snow. At the photo above we see
the youngsters from the 6th class at Vinje school, who discovered the formation and reported it to The Norwegian
Crop Circle Group: Gjermund, Victoria and Sivert. (Click to enlarge photo further) .

PHOTO MANIPULATION of journalist Thor Riseth's photo in Snåsningen 28th of January 2004. (Silhuett corrected 2005!)

A PHOTO MANIPULATION (made by Andreas Müller for the Norwegian Crop Circle Group) shows the location
of the ice circle (now lying under a thick cover of snow) in the terrain.


Photo1: Thor Riseth 2004.02.21

21st FEBRUARY  2004: Due to unexpected mild weather conditions, most of the snow on the field has melted,
and half the ice relieff has been brought into daylight. You see the pattern behind the little spruce-fir. (The three
parallell snow tracks that make a curve to the left, is the remainings of a prepared ski track). (Click to enlarge).


Photo2: Thor Riseth 2004.02.21

The circle from the opposite angle. (The remainder of the ski track is crossing the circle on the right).

Photo3: Thor Riseth 2004.02.21

The centre of the circle and the inner ring. The pattern has been marked by inserting sticks to the ground. In this
way we hope to be able to reconstruct the pattern in springtime, when the snow is gone and the ice has melted.
We will then survey the ground thoroughly and take samples of grass and soil from inside and outside the pattern.


Photo4: Thor Riseth 2004.02.21

Here we see one of the pathways running from the center, crossing the inner ring. The ice elements are now
quite rough. The height of the ice relief is also varying, and the ice elements, that earlier appeared as clear profiles,
are now fairly flat and vague.

Photo5: Thor Riseth2004.02.21

Section from the outer ring, showing the pattern partly melted away.

Saturday afternoon the 21st (2004), while Riseth was still surveying the ice formation, it started snowing, and
in the evening the pattern was already under 10 cm of snow. In the days following, continuous snowfalls again
covered the field with a thick layer of snow. Our warmest thanks to journalist Thor Riseth for taking these sharp
photos just in time, during the few hours the circle was partly visible!

Photo: Thor Riseth 2004.18.05

12th of May 2004: Anders Mona and the land owner Leif Aune is taking soil samples from the field
from where the ice circle was located
. The samples was sent to the BLT Research Team Inc, USA for analyses.


Photo: Marit Veimo, journ. local newspaper  "Verdalingen".  From left: Victoria Flasnes, Thor Riseth and Eva-Marie Brekkestø.

Autumn 2004: Norwegian Crop Circle Group at Alternativmessa in Nord-Trøndelag. Victoria Flasnes (who filmed
and reported the ice-circle) and journalist Thor Riseth came to visit. During the lecture on crop circles by
Eva-Marie Brekkestø, Victoria shared with the public the discovery of the mysterious ice circle by her own words.


Photo: BLT Research Team Inc., USA: Soil sampled from inside the ice formation, compared to controls outside the circle.

May 2005: And finally came the results! In lack of any explanation tho the origin of the ice-formation, BLT Research
had been testing if it was possible that some chemicals applied topically might serve as an explanation to why the ice
had formed in this design (see the full report).

BLT Research concluded that this hypothesis as an explanation was highly unlikely, and stated: "Based on our current
data we cannot determine what might have caused the ice to form the pattern

Even though we consider the
"case closed" for now, the forming of the ice formation still remains a mystery that is in no
way resolved! Should any new information surface
in relation to the ice circle, it will be presented at this site as soon as

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