Snåsningen 4th of January 2004

The ice circle attracts international interest

The circle, discovered by the three youngsters near Vinje school at the field of Vinjetrøa (name of
the farm), is getting attention abroad. Gjermund Eggen Hansen, Victoria Flasnes and Sivert
Brønstad may soon be considered celebrities.  PHOTO: Thor Riseth

The ice circle at Vinjetrøa that we wrote about in the last issue is now getting attention abroad. It has caused great interest among researchers in several countries, and The Norwegian Crop Circle Group receives numerous e-mails from around the world.

By Thor Riseth__________

- Researchers from both USA and England have shown great interest in the circle that was discovered at Snåsa, says Eva-Marie Brekkestø from the Norwegian Crop Circle Group. We would like to get in touch with a person at Snåsa who can survey the formation and keep an eye on it when the snow melts during springtime. The crop circle group is anxious to know whether anything reappears when the snow melts. And since they have no members in the area they need help. They are thus addressing the community through the local newspaper to find a person interested in carrying out the research. This person should speak some English to be able to communicate with researchers abroad.

To the Norwegian Crop Circle Group the ice formation represents a small sensation. No one has observed a formation of this kind before. Other ice circles have been formed in surface water at lakes or rivers.

- If you would like to contribute to the research, please send an e-mail to The Norwegian Crop Circle Group. You’ll find the e-mail address at their web page

- It is not uncommon that camera batteries fail in crop circles, tells Eva-Marie Brekkestø. Crop circles may have a strong magnetic field and this could also have been the cause in the ice circle. The strength of such magnetic fields often diminishes after a while. It is assumed that the reported battery failures are caused by such magnetic fields. TV crews who want to film inside a crop circle and who have visited crop circles before know which precautions to take. They often carry twice as much equipment and batteries than on other missions.

Scientific research, carried out for 12 years, presents evidence suggesting that a ball shaped electromagnetic source is creating the crop circles.

Eva-Marie Brekkestø is eager to get samples of soil and crop from the field. This material will be sent to an American research team for analysing. Hopefully these analyses can give some clues to how the ice pattern might have been created.