The Hardanger Plateau, Norway        
18/12 2005
circle in snow

At 7.48 am on the 24th of April 2004, the owner of a mountain cabin at The Hardanger Plateau (large Mountain
plateau in the central southern part of Norway, 800–1200 metres of altitude) discovered this circle in snow only
a couple of metres from the
outhouse wall. The circle was about two metres in diameter, and its perfectly circular
shape astonished the cabin owner. No tracks led to or from the circle, except a fox track that passed close to the circle.

The weather was sunny and clear when the circle was discovered, but it is not known at which time it might first have
appeared. According to the cabin owner, at the time of the discovery, the snow cover was about 2 metres deep at the
spot where the circle was found. He also estimates that it was placed at the shoreline of a lake situated close to the
. Due to the thick snow cover it is difficult to say whether the circle was positioned above dry land or slightly
farther out, above the water of the lake.

The owner shot two pictures of the circle (click at the photo above) that Saturday morning. The weather was sunny
and clear the rest of the day, but Sunday was overcast with occasional drizzle. The imprint gradually turned less clear
and crisp during the weed-end. Three months later, at July the 6th, the cabin owner's partner contacted The Norwegian
Crop Circle Group, hoping for an explanation to the mystery. Unfortunately, we were not able to give any answer to the

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