Kongsberg, Norway        
18/12 2005
circle in river ice

The beautiful ice formation at the photo above was found early in the day on December 18th, 2005! The circle,
measuring approximately 3-4 meters in diameter, had formed in the middle of the fast streaming water of the
River Gravdøla. The surface of the circle was smooth and regular, as compared to the surrounding ice cover close
to the banks. The circumference of the formation was sharply drawn, and
patches of rime were dotting the circle.
The periphery of the surrounding ice was decorated with
elements of rime that had frozen into a fine ridge. At the
time of the discovery, the temperature was minus 14 degrees Celsius.
This cold temperature had lasted only a few
days prior to the discovery.

Per Olve Tobiassen and his partner, Anne Rygaard, were taking a walk at the foot of the Skrim Mountains near the
town of Kongsberg. They discovered the formation on their way home -
thanks to their two year old son, Magnus,
who became fascinated by the river that floated under the road.
The circle of ice was easily seen from the road,
where the photos were taken. According to Tobiassen, the ice floe was 100% circular.
The couple, who found the
circle very beautiful, didn’t think more about the matter until later on, when they came across this web site and
saw the similar formations. They reported the circle to us the 3rd of January.

"One might wonder how such a thing has formed", Tobiassen says. The River Gravdøla joins with the Kjørstad River
some hundred yards further down, and then runs out into the larger river Numedalslågen.




Map information : Per Olve Tobiassen

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