Fyresdal, Norway       
Jan. 2007
circle in river ice

Photo: Arild Gaaren

The ice circle was first discovered by a young man in January 2007, in the river ... in the community of Fyresdal,
county of Telemark in southern Norway. The young discoverer told his uncle, Aril Gaaren, about the strange circle.
It was however not reported to the local newspaper until May the same year.

Arild Gaaren reports that the river had frozen only a couple of days before the circle was discovered by his nephew.
Gaaren and a friend went to inspect and photograph the formation. They found a circle of ice aprx. 3 metres in diametre,
attached to the rest of the rest of the river ice by a 5 cm wide ring of darker ice. Snow that had fallen two days earlier,
had partly melted into the ice surface. It also looked as though the circle had been spinning before it the frost stopped it,
by merging the circle with the rest of the river ice. Because while spinning, the ice circle had "milled" the ice on the edges,
both the edges of the circle and of the surrounding ice, into a ridge of snow standing out from the ice surface.

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