"What do you know about the "face" formation that appeared in England.
Is it genuine or made by men?"

Dr. Haselhoff: "Unfortunately I was not able to visit this formation personally. This formation is another indication that the Circlemakers have developed very advanced methods to produce patterns in the crop, as well as great skill. I am convinced that there exists a high-tech method to produce crop circles, which allows you to create them from a distance, as has been explained in detail in my book. Although this hypothesis has so far only been proven for the simpler formations, why shouldn't it be possible to apply the same methods for the more sophisticated formations?
On the other hand, biophysical examination by Dr. Levengood revealed no anomalies so far (see, e.g.,

As I have not visited nor examined this formation, I can only speculate. But I think we may state with a high degree of reliability that:
- This design is different from the traditional concept (which may be related to a different group of creators?);
- The makers were very skilled and experienced;
- Biophysical tests by William Levengood showed no lengthened nodes, no expulsion cavities, no seed weight changes, no increased growth rate of seedlings, nor increased magnetite concentration in the soil (for either Chilbolton formations).
- If man-made, it was not a simple hoax but an expensive and well-prepared effort.
Concluding: I would not be surprised if these formations are man-made."