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December 18th

A perfectly round formation.
Photo: Per Olve Tobiassen


The circle
was found
in the middle of the river
Gravdøla, and seems to
 have formed in very fast
 streaming water.


Kongsberg, Norway!
 Just as we thought the circle seeson 2005 to be over,
 we received the message that a wonderful ice circle
 had been found near KONGSBERG - on DECEMBER 18th!
 What a christmas gift! The beautiful photos to the left
 speak for themselves...

 Per Olve Tobiassen and his partner Anne Rygaard
 covered the formation as they were taking a walk at the
 foot of the Skrim Mountains near the town of Kongsberg.
 They spotted the formation
thanks to their two year old
 son, Magnus, who became fascinated by the river that
 floated under the road.
The circle of ice was easily seen
 from the road, where the photos were taken.

 According to Tobiassen, the ice floe was 100% circular.

 Seemingly, the formation had formed in very fast
 streaming water. It was found early in the day, when the
 temperature was about minus 14 degrees Celsius. This
 cold weather had lasted only a couple of days.

 "One might wonder how such a thing has formed",
 Tobiassen says. The River Gravdøla joins with the Kjørstad
 River some hundred yards further down, and then pours
 out into the larger river, Numedalslågen.

 More info to be found at the link in the left menue to the
 left at 
Norwegian Ice- & Snow cirkles, and at the link
 Related phenomena.

Sudbury, Ontario

Des. 9th 2005

Sudbury, Ontario, Des 9th, 2005

© Photo: The Canadian Crop
Circle Research Network



Ice circle in Canada
On the 9th of December 2005 the ice circle to the left was
 found near Sudbury, Ontario, in
snow-covered creek ice.
 The seemingly perfectly circlular formation is approx.
 12-18 metres (40-60 feet) in diameter, with a 2.5-5 centi-
 metre (1-2 inch) deep 'V'-shaped groove in the ice defining
 the circle's perimeter. There is another possible groove a
 few inches inside of the outer groove.

 The circle is in a bend of the creek. According to Paul
 Anderson at the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network it
 might be possible that this is a type of ice ring that has
 formed from a swirling eddy, as is believed to be the cause
 of most such formations (with more diffuse edges). Yet the
 sharp, incised edge is more difficult to explain, and in this
 regard is similar to the ice circle at Delta, Ontario in 2000.
Related phenomena). A strong, unpleasant smell
 had been reported a few weeks previously in the area.

 Source: The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network - CCCRN





Article: Rings of ice,
Fortean Times

Nbr. 74
 page 22-27 

© Fortean Times


What do we really
 about ice circles?
 As far as we know, very little has been published about
 the mysterious phenomena referred to as ice circles.

 However, the German crop circle researcher Andreas
lately came across an old, but in many aspects
 (still) interesting article, published in the magazine
 Fortean Times in 1994:

 "The article explores the famous ice-disc-circles and
 finds a natural explanation that seems quite reason-
 able and matching many such cases. Still the article
 does not take a debunking or sceptic approach, but in
 an honest way investigates at least those ice circle
 that have the described characteristics.

 It does not cover those cases were more complex
geometry has been displayed, or where none of the
 natural characteristics of whirls and whirlpools have
 been present, - but the article has the honesty to admit
 this. It also discusses other cases (like the Rosenfield
 discovery and the MIT circles and pattern on the
 Charles river)", Andreas says.

 Clearly the article does not discuss formations like the
 ice pictogram found at Snåsa (Norway) or the Mary-
 land-pictogram in the United States. However, the
 Norwegian Crop Circle Group sees the article as an
 important peace of "ice circle history", and as such, of
 interest to our readers.

 A Xerox-copy of the article, as a high resolution pdf-file
 is presented here.

 Source:  "Fortean Times" magazine, Rings of Ice, nbr. 74, 1994, page 22-27. 


"The Operation

© Colin Andrews has been
doing research on the crop
 circles phenomenon for several
 decades. Collaborating with the
authorities, he states that he
has acted as an adviser to
 the prime minister Margaret
 Thatcher, the British Royal
 family, Lawrence Rockefeller,
research institutes all over the
 world, and many others.
He planned and led the
 "Operation White Craw" in 1989
 and the "Operation Blackbird"
 in 1990,


A new film, Circular Evidence,
 is said to be under production,
 using Andrews life to "hang
 the story on".


At October 15th, 2005,
Colin Andrews revealed
what the authorities
denied him to tell
 during the  "Operastion
 Blackbird" in July 1990.

 Operation Blackbird lasted
 10 days, and the aim of the
 project was to try to film
 a crop circle as it occured
 (as people repported to have
 seen that happen in this aerea).

  The project included extensive surveillance of the chosen
Blackbird aerea.

The operation was
 carried out in colla-
boration with the
 British Army.


    Colin Andrews
         reveals the truth about
    "Operation Blackbird "
           back in 1990

 Colin Andrews making head lines - again! This autumn
 the well-known, and, to many disputed, crop circle
 researcher has surprised the media and crop circle
 community in unexpected ways....

 At the end of August 2005, the message came that
 Andrews was going to reveal the proper truth of what
 really happened on in July 1990, during the 10 days
 surveillance project of crop circles fields (in collabo-
 ration with the British Army), - known as "Operation
He stated his reason was this.

 The disclosure took place at The Bay Area UFO Expo
in California at October 15th, 2005.

- a classic horse mutilation taking place within feet of
   the control caravan

- a "D" notice* issued by the British Ministry of Defense
   to stop all media transmissions from the site

- a separate secret army operation where real crop
   circles formed
- a ufo was filmed
- and even a simple formation was forming in front of the
   Blackbird cameras
- and much more

 Material was shown, that has never been seen before in
 public. A CD-Rom containing all the graphics and photo-
 graphs from the presentation can be ordered from Colin
* Andrews points out that The British Department of Defence has right
    to impose the media silence when the National security is considered
    threatened. This order is called a D-notice. This notice no longer exits,
    he says, but corresponding orders may be given.

 Then the message came, that all of the research
 material (35.000 photos and video footage!) from
 Colin's 22 years of research, from 1983-2004, were to
 be sold by auction after the disclosure - the price
 starting at US $500.000,00, later reduced to
 250.000,00. (
Whether the collection has actually been
 sold, is unknown to us, but a table of contents, and
 photos of the collection is to be seen at the E-bay -
 it's worth a look).

 In September Colin Andrews went public, and when
 interviewed at the Hilly Rose Show the 4th, he openly
 told what really had been taking place back in 1990.
 At the same time he did several interviews with diffe-
 rent magazines, e.g. French and Chinese journals.
 Suddenly full openness, after 15 years of secrecy...!

 According to Andrews, a new film is under production,
 this time from the hand of Wood Dickinson in Renegade
 Pictures. The name of the film is said to be "Circular
 Evidence", named after Andrews/Delgado's first book
 in 1989. The progress may be followed at:

 Andrews is convinced that an intelligence is behind the
 crop circle phenomenon:  "Universal energy interactions
 may be at work, and the interface between two dimen-
 sions register spectacular patterns of great meaning
 and such depth as man can yet imagine."

 Sources: David Kingston's many newsletters, E-bay, Andrew's website,
 several press-/web articles, e.g. Daily Express UK, Swirled News UK.
 New Haven USA.


Silbury Hill,  July 9th, 2005
© Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

East Field,  July 3re, 2005
© Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Aldbourne 1,  July 24th, 2005
© Photo: Steve Alexander

Savernake Forest, July 23rd, 05
© Photo: Steve Alexander

Eva-Marie and Guro Parvanova
by the marvelous
Garsington 2, July 24th,  2005
(see descriptions further down)

© Photo: Axel Kayser


      The Summer 2005
 During the 2005 season, several Norwegian parties
 visited the crop circle Mekka in England, to observe the
 wonderful phenomenon up close. The crop circles, for
 reasons unknown, seem to favour the fields of southern

 Here, in Wiltshire and the neighbouring counties, crop
 formations arrive on a daily basis - more than 70 during
 the 2005 season. On
e of these parties, made up by Eva-
 Marie Brekkestø and her friends, were at the scene for
 more than three weeks, at the end of July and at the
 beginning of August.

 Many beautiful formations formed in the area during
 these 25 days, and their network of crop circle friends
 grew steadily.

 In case you’re not aware of it: A visit to a Wiltshire crop
 circles is a certain way to make new friends.

 Exiting things happened related to many of the circles
 this year
. Batteries were drained in several formations,
 eye witnesses reported that formations had formed in
 little more than an hour, and jaw dropping three dimen
 sional floor lays were found. All these experiences made
 strong impressions on the Norwegian researchers.

 Eva-Marie Brekkestø reports: "As usually, rumours went
 around that hoaxers were at work. But one cannot say
 that there was a direct disinformation campaign, like the
 one we saw in 2004. We decided early on not to let these
 rumours of hoaxing, take away our focus on enjoying the
 diversity the circles offered, both regarding the floor lay
 and the designs.  

 Already the first day, on July the 9th, as I was driving from
 Heathrow on the way to the cottage in Avebury, I spotted
 a crop circle that had not been there the previous day.

 The first thing I do every year, when I arrive in Wiltshire,
 is to climb Silbury Hill to take
in the magic of the

 This time I didn’t even get to the Silbury Hill parking,
 before I spotted the brand new circle decorating the field
 next to the hill!"



Is it real?







National Geographic jumps to easy  conclusions

 says Norwegian
Terje Toftenes


Scientific research 

says Nancy Talbott,
  BLT Research Team Inc., USA


National Geographic
 The Norwegian TV-producer Terje Toftenes retorts to
 ill-founded assertions, that crop circles are nothing but
 the results of human activity in the TV-documentary
 "IS IT REAL?" - a series that has been shown on
 National Geograpic Channel here in Norway for several
 months (2005).

He says the programme does exactly what the producers
 accuse the crop circle enthusiasts of doing: It jumps to
 easy conclusions: "The programme concludes that be-
 cause it's proven that it's possible for humans to make
 crop circles, all formations are man made".

 He states that the programme begins in an honest way, pre-
 senting the facts about the crop circle phenomenon. In the
 second part of the programme, however, when it all is to be
 "revealed", the things totally fall apart. Toftenes points to
 the fact that the producer has interviewed sceptics and
 amateurs only.
He also emphasizes that a demonstration of
 how humans can flatten a crop circle mechanically, does not
 rule out the existence of a parallel genuine phenomenon

 The most aggravating is, however, the way the programme
 treats the phenomenon of balls of light
: This, now very well
 documented phenomenon (filmed,
and observed by hundreds
 of people during the last 10 years
, sometimes at
a very high
 and increasing speed) is being rejected as
plastic bags on a
, or flower seeds in the wind, - or at the best, as com-
 puter animation!
The complete absence of any form of scien-
tific documentation to back the views presented, is striking.  

 Terje Toftenes also thinks it is evident that the producer deli-
berately intends
 to misinform the viewers about the origin of
 the disputed "Oliver castle" footage, a
footage that no profes-
sional animation expert has
 dared to declare a forgery.
 Toftenes explains in detail how the TV documentary tries to
 mislead, and he supplies the important information backing the
 theory that the footage is genuine, information
completely left
 out by the porducers of the programme.

"The media know very well that most people fear the unknown.
 Many people therefore choose to believe in rational expla-
 nations. When National Geographic plays on this fear, it has
 severe consequences - because
the public is used to think of
this channel as highly serious", he says.

 Read THE COMMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY here! (unfortunately
 in Norwegian only, but will be translated as soon as capacity
 allows. Red.).

 The president of the BLT Research, Nancy Talbott, was
 interviewed - several times! - in connection with this film
 (that in the States and UK carried the name "Beyond the
 Mystery"). The interviews lasted up to 3 hours (!), scien-
 tific evidence was presented in an objective and profes-
 sional manner, and the interviews were all filmed by the
 National Geographic Channel.

Still, there’s hardly any reference to thorough material in
 the documentary...! Neither are any other scientists inter-
It seems the resources have instead only been
 invested o
n interviewing and filming persons who
cally flatten crop
(in broad daylight). 

 As a reaction to this deliberate omission of scientific data
 in the film, NANCY TALBOTT has issued a statement.
 has been distributed to the crop circle community, and is
 published on Swirled News, the english web-site for crop
 circle news.
We recommend (and encourage!) everybody to read
STATEMENT that demonstrates in detail how the media, go
 about to present disinformation - if that's what they want.
 If you are among the many that were provoked by th
e pro-
gramme and would like to
give your opinion to the channel,
 you can find links to
National Geographic in the statement.


 July 15th 2005

© Photo Axel Kayser 24.07.05

© Photo Axel Kayser 24.07.05

© Photo Axel Kayser 24.07.05

© Photo Axel Kayser 24.07.05

Click for more enlargements!

Last photo:  Aug. 9th 2005
 © Photo Andrew King


First photo ever: July 15th

(Photo above turned
 compared to the original,
for better comparishisment)
© Photo Andrew King


    The wonderful formation of

 On July 15ht a very special crop formation was
 discovered at Garsington, Oxfordshire.  

 From the air, the formation didn't seem to be among the
 most impressive ones. The pilot, however, pointed out
 that the formation appeared to have a very interesting
 floor lay.

 Curious to inspect this floor lay, Eva-Marie Brekkestø and
 two friends, drove from Wiltshire to Oxfordshir
e on the
 24th of July, to visit the formation. The wonderful sight that
 met her in the field can be seen in the photos to the left!

 She informed David Kingston’s news network in this way:
 What we found on the ground (after 2 hours of searching
 for the circle) was the most amazing lay I have ever seen
 in a crop circle!!

 Unfortunately it rained heavily on Monday the 25th, and
 other crop circle researchers who visited the formations
 in the following days reported that a lot of the details on
 the ground had collapsed.

 Eva–Marie also ascertained that the formation must have
 developed between the time the first aerial was taken
 (the 15th of July) and the day she visited it. The aerial from
 the 15th only showed two thirds of the formation.

 The ground shots from the 24th show additional circles
 with thick spirals of downed crop, several new grape shots
 and other details that were not there the 15th. One of the
 circles had also increased in size.  

 We recommend that you take a look at, where you’ll find a variety of
 photos taken from the ground and the air, along with a
 report explaining what they show.

The 9th of August Andrew King went flying again to
the developments. In this last aerial we can see
 the new circles in the left part of the photo. Take a close
 look at circle number two from the right, that had changed
 since the first aerial was taken. 

This photo shows the formation as it looked on the
 15th of July.

 Additional information and photos:

Boreham Down,
Wiltshire, UK

June 21st, 2005

 Three computer-generated
white objects placed by
Mike Booth against one of
his actual Boreham Down
wheat field photographs
to illustrate what he saw
 on June 21st, 2005.

© Photo: Mike Booth

The "computer mouse"-
shaped objects Mike Booth
saw moving along the
 wheat heads.

illustration © 2005 M. Booth

One of the 20-30 cm deep
trails left by the objects,
ending abruptly, leaving no
marks. "My car in the back-
ground gives some scale
 and show exactly the posi-
tion of where I was in the
 distance (on bike) from the objects."

© Photo Mike Booth

 JUNE 22nd:

This crop formation was found
180 meters away from where
the 3 metallic objects were
 seen the evening before.
 Photo © 2005
Lucy Pringle.

Geometrical reconstruktion

Similar photo at
Marskär, Sweden in 1956?

Saw 3 white objects
   bending plants in
        wheat field

 On Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 6:30 pm, the Englishman
 Mike Booth was riding next to Boreham Down, when his
 attention was caught by three objects moving slowly in
 the field on the left hand side of the road. The objects
 were brushing through the top of the crops, depressing
 the heads of the wheat, leaving a trail about 20-30cm
 lower than the rest of the crop in the field.


 The objects did not create a crop formation, but left four
about a metre wide, where the objects had been
 seen. These tracks did not form any sort of pattern, and
 just ended abruptly. The tracks were still there when Mike
 came back to the field with his camera the next day.

 Mike observed the objects from a distance of about 200
 metres. He estimated that the objects were about 180cm
 wide, abou
t 120cm in long with about two to three feet of
 a curved top. The
y were very simples forms with no edges
 or contours. The shape was not unlike a PC mouse or a
 'top box' on the roof rack of cars.

 Mike stopped his bike. It was clear to him that he witnessed
 something out of the ordinary, something he had never seen
 before. He considered several possible explanations: Could
 they be farmers with some strange gear, scientific field test
 equipment, or hoaxers hiding under some kind of moulds?
 But the paths were between the tram lines and he was
 thinking no farmer would break down his own crop just

 After some minutes of observing he got on his bike and rod
 off on his normal circuit. In hindsight he cannot understand
 why he didn’t walk up to the crafts. He also had his mobile
 phone with a camera in his pocket that he considered using.
 However an overwhelming feeling came over him that said no.

 The next day a wonderful crop circle was discovered in the
 same field, only 180m from the slope where Mike Booth
 observed the metallic objects.
Whether there is any con-
 nection between the two occurrences, we might never know.

 This eyewitness report is unique in its kind showing
 unknown material objects leaving physical traces in
 the crop.

 Regrettable no photographs of the three objects exist. The
 only photographical evidence is Mike Booth’s own photos of
 the trails left in the grain. In one of these photos
(to the
 left) he has pasted data generated representations of the
to illustrate what he saw.

 We recommend that you read the full report by the American
 journalist Linda Moulton Howe at:


Note:'s newsfiles are free for everybody in a time span of
          3 months. Then membership is required to view the reports.


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