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Enormous crop circle formed in max. 1h and 45 min.:
7th of July 2007, East Field, Wiltshire in England:

This enormous crop circle formed in the early morning the 7th of July 2007 at East Field, in Wiltshire.

Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø.

At Knap Hill, north of the large East Field, crop circle and UFO enthusiasts
are often on night watches.

Knap Hill is the highest green hill in the foreground. East Field is the closest field to the right.


In 1999, computer ingeneer and inventor Winston Keech, witnessed a ball of light make a crop circle.
He has since spent countless nights out on the hills hoping to film light phenomena and, if possible
a crop circle forming.

He always brings his dog, and when he arrives at Knap Hill this evening, the dog shows a strange,
agitated behaviuor very different from his otherwise calm disposition.The dog's behaviour gives
Winston a feeling that this might be the right place to spend the night.

Winston Keech. Photo: Terje Toftenes


At about 11 pm on the 6th of July, on the top of Knap Hill, he rigs up his Sony digital
still camera, a light sensitive VX2100 film camera, in adition to an image enhancing
film camera connected to a JVC D-700 recorder. With this last camera he makes regular
sweeps across the fields beneath the hill.

Winston's car is at the parking lot close to Knap Hill. On the roof of the car he has set up
two additional Sony VX2100 film cameras. These cameras are considerably more
sensitive to light than the human eye. Both these cameras are connected to VHS/VCR
recorders with video tapes of 4 hours duration.

Sony's VX2100 light sensitive digital film camera.


London paralegal and private investigator Gary King has also spent many nights on the hills of
Wiltshire. On Friday the 6th of July he gets an intuitive hunch to spend the night at Knap Hill.
He and his partner Paula Presdee-Jones arrives at Knap Hill about 01.30 am the 7th of July.
He recognizes Winston, whom he had met for the first time at the crop circle cafe, Silent Circle,
some hours earlier, where they had exchanged a few sentences without mentioning their plans
for the night.

Winston shows them the cameras, all set up on tripods. It is at that time too dark to see the fields
below them. At about 01.35 am Winston makes a sweep with the image enhancing camera, and
in the viewfinder of this camera they can clearly see that there is no crop formation on the vast
East Field below them.


Winston's plan was to make such a sweep every half hour. But Winston, Gary and Paula
engage in an exciting conversation about the universe and all its possibilities, and completely
forget the time.
At 03.13am the conversation abruptly comes to a halt when a big flash of light lights up the valley
below them. The flash, which resembles a lightening, is by the light sensitive cameras registered as electromagnetic interference lasting only 4 milliseconds:

The electro magnetic interference in the form of pulses as it was picked up by the infra red cameras
and interpreted by one of the VHS recorders
. Photo: Winston Keech

Winston now remembers that the four hour long video tapes must be running out, and he descends to
change the cassettes. It afterwards turned out that the tape ran out only two seconds after the flash.

Even the most light sensitive cameras cannot register anything if there is no light at all. During the
night, these cameras have filmed the lights from houses and villages nearby, and a couple of times
the lights from cars passing by on the road on the far side of East Field.
These cameras would easily register any activity with equipment giving away light, such as torches or
measuring devices with laser light, if these were used on the fields below Knap Hill.


When Winston rejoins the others on the hill, Gary tells that he has the feeling that the flash of light
means something has happened at East Field.
Winston now (03.20 am) makes a quick sweep with his most light sensitive camera, and in the
viewfinder of this camera they can now clearly see a shadow in the East Field:

The still taken with the image enhancing camera at 03.20 am, reveales a shadow in East Field.
Photo: Winston Keech

Impatiently, the three persons now stirs on the dark field below waiting for dawn to bring
enough light for them to make out any details with the naked eye.
At 03.45 am it's finally light enough for them to vaguely see the formation in East Field:

The still photo from 03.45 am clearly shows the formation in East Field.
Photo: Winston Keech

At about four o'clock they can clearly see the impressive formation in the middle of the field.
Gary og Paula decide to drive to the southern end of the field to enter the crop circle. From
Knap Hill Winston is filming the two as they enter the enormous crop pattern.

Gary and Paula observe that the neatly flowing lay in many areas lies six inches above the ground,
and as they try to walk on it, it crunches, like breaking glass:

Photo: Gary King

Photo: Gary King

A while later Winston enters the circle with his dog. Astonished, he observes how the dog
sets about munching large amounts of crops. It twice leaves the formation to throw up,
before it finally stops the frenetic grazing.

Gary and Paula at Knap Hill a few days later. Photo: Terje Toftenes


The sweep with the image enhancing camera at 01.35 shows that there was no formation at
East Field at that time.

At 03.20 the early dawn gives enough light for the most light sensitive camera to "see"
the crop formation.
This means that the circle has formed within a time frame of maximum 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The light sensitive cameras, filming the whole night through, show that no activity involving
any kind of equipment with a light source, took place at East Field during the dark hours.

Photo: Lucy Pringle. See more of Lucy Prigle's crop circle photography here.

The gigantic crop pattern is aprx 350 metres long and more than 60 metres wide.
It's made up of more than 150 circles.
Over 20.000 square metres of crop is flattened.


As seen on the photo above, the East Field is not flat, men inundates with a couple
of metres.
This means that a person standing in one end of the formation, cannot see eventual
visitors in other parts of the pattern.
Survey of the pattern has shown that the circles lying on flat ground are circular, while
the ones lying in slopes are ovals. This makes the pattern look perfect from the air.

Just to peg out a pattern with the necessary accuracy on an inundating field, would even
in daylight, be an impossible task in 1 hour and 45 minutes!
It is of course inconceivable that anyone should be able to perform such a task without
any form of light, in a field inundating with several metres!


On Sunday the 8th of July, after Gary King has told Eva-Marie Brekkestø about the events
the 7th of July, she phones Terje Toftenes, the producer of the Norwegian documentary
"Crop Circles, crossovers from another dimension", and tells him the story.
Terje Toftenes decides to come over to Wiltshire to interview the camera man and the
eye witnesses.
It turns out that his expertise will be very important in the process of analyzing film material.

After several days of intense work, Toftenes takes the initiative to invite the media to a press
conference in the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes on Thursday the 19th of July. He has put toghether
a 30 minutes DVD presentation with video footage and interviews, which is handed out to the media:

Terje Toftenes leads the press conference in Alton Barnes. Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Gary and Paula at press conference in Alton Barnes. Photo: Eva-Marie Brekkestø

This professional handling of both the material and the media, results in several serious and objective
releases in English news papers, and also in a presentation on the TV channel Sky News.
Neither the news papers nor the TV feature ridicule the event!

This is in it self a remarkable achievement. Over the last 15 years the English media have not treated
the crop circle phenomenon very positively. They have most often dismissed or even ridiculed the crop circle mystery.

It is not without pride, that the Norwegian Crop Circle Group, refers to the following news paper articles:

Gazette and Herald 20. juli
Western Daily Press 20. juli

It seems that a Norwegian was needed to make the English mass media render the crop circle
mystery its well deserved justice!!!

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