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Periscope Vision
Bodvar Schjelderup



BASIC INFORMATION from Circular Review / Nick Nicholson :

A framing full circle having a field width of about 33 ft. Exterior diameter 333 ft; interior diameter thus being about 267 ft.
Seven circular arcs entering the circle along a common axis at equal paces. Approximate width of dividing circular arcs 5 ft.



As quite usual, the direction (often important, and possibly quite important here because of the axis) is not mentioned.

The connected diagram showing the full-drawn entering circles (page 6 in the message received by me) is totally wrong. The common diameter of all these arcs equalthat of the exterior circle of the crop sign.

This can be visualized by drawing the full ellipse of the perspective on a tracing paper and removing it to match the other curves; they are all matching.

Geometrically this is proven by a circle whose axis of 5 units is divided into 4+1; a transverse line at the point of divide gets a length of 4; 2 on each side of the axis. This figure is easily recognized in the crop sign, as the ends of the sixth arc mark the crossing diameter of the inner circle.

The basic geometrical code thus says that the relation between the diameters of exterior and interior circles is 5 : 4 – or 10 : 8, in terms of axial steps.



The entire figure is a story: of development aiming at fulfilment – dynamis heading for perfection, (the meaning of) Time entering and fulfilling (the meaning of) Space.

A story of stepwise integration – by an exterior impulse, whose main characteristic is equality: the entering circle equals that of its goal, having chosen and expressed it to be its designed home.

Each step has (basically) the dimension of the breadth of the outer ring. As the equal diameters of the invading rings equal that of the outer ring, the full number of step intervals is ten. The inner circle includes eight of these steps.

The ninth step will not be seen. The tenth is fulfilment.

Outside the crop circle no trace of the entering circle’s steps are visible. Its aim is only announced within the given frame. Its own nature is different; immaterial, spiritual, absolute.

And still its characteristic is equality. In order to express the purpose of belonging. And, thus, of the final fusion. A principle illustrated as a process.

The stepwise entry from invisible to visible is a symbol of individuation: of becoming complete. Saying that real completion demands the fusion of spirit and body – or, more to the point, of the immaterial in the material, the absolute in the relative. Of Heaven in Earth, of the eternal in the concept of World.

The diametral proportion of 5 : 4 mentions that 5 is 4’s fulfilment. This is what our fingers and toes explain, head plus extremities; pyramid points. too. Even the ancient vedic descriptions of the axial chakra ladder of the human body, characterized by their individual numbers of frequence, show this development from 4 to 5. This process is described in detail in my book, Mirror of Recognitions (see web site). 5 represents the fulfilled human being, in accordance with the intended, divine design.


In order to include this impulse from ‘without’ the receiving circle had to be bound, accepting a locked direction. As circle it’s free and without any fixed direction; as locked its freedom is limited and dedicated the pulsating entry of the ‘exterior’ impulse.

This may remind us of the phenomenon of Mother: in order to conceive and produce new life she has to dedicate some of her given freedom to the entering impulse.

So, this entering impulse is virtually male. The crop sign itself is female. Like an ovum accepting the entry of a sperm, its direction is chosen: from scar to middle; from beginning to fulfilment.

The receiving circle (egg; home) has a complete expression of its own. The entering impulse articulates that totality to make it more total, more complete.

This sign of World, fulfilled via individuation caused by the ‘exterior’ or different impulse, is thus a message of becoming. Becoming total.


The reported outer diameter of 333 ft is indeed a divine symbol (I’ll be going to demonstrate that in a context of its own).

The axial steps are thus (principally) 33.3 ft. The inner circle’s diameter: 266.67 ft. The guiding figure, 333, is recognized in the Great Pyramid as the thickness of the stone coffer’s bottom, .333 secret cubits, and of the vertical distance between summit platform and bottom of subterranean pit, 333 secret cubits. The latitudinal distance between Mt Sinai and the place of the Jordan crossing (in the Exodus) is 333aa = 3.33 deg of arc, or 1/108 of the entire Earth periphery. 333 is 1/3 of 999, the numerological symbol of the totality of One.

The added widths of the intruding circular arcs equal the width of the circular ring.


I do hope the above comments may help develop the possible message given us through this first crop sign in 2007.

The resemblance with the so-called Universal Flag is more than striking. The flag’s logo carries the very same message. There may be good reason to regard the two signs as each other’s commentators.

Warm thanks to Norsk Kornsirkelgruppe for forwarding this message.

Periscope Vision
18.04. 2007

Bodvar Schjelderup
Skansegata 26 A, N-7014 Trondheim


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