HAO-Magazine 1991 nr. 3:
(Oversatt fra russisk til engelsk for kornsirkelforsker Ilyes, av Leslie Spotkov, assisterende direktør i The North Olympic Library System i Port Angeles, WA.)

On the front cover:

UFO NLO Reality
Tsinlo Informator (Slovo) Number 3, 1991

- Circles in the Fields
The 13-year Riddle of the Boat-Lake
- Classics


The article:

Moscow: The Street of Freedom

"This was the night of December 20th. I can't say the exact time, but it was during the middle of the program 'Television News Service'. My attention was attracted to some kind of unfamiliar light in the window. It seemed to me that the street looked like daytime, not night-time. I approached the window and a little to the right of me I glimpsed a fireball of white Light. Its diameter was about 2-3 meters (~ 6-9 feet). I strained my eyes to determine if this Light was coming from the street. I raised the curtain simply to convince myself that perhaps the curtain gave some kind of glare. But I only proved that I was really seeing a Ball of Fire, 2-3 meters in diameter, like I already said.

"I jumped into the hall to get my camera from the table. I grabbed the camera and went to the kitchen window. Here I saw the Ball even better, but this was not really a Ball, rather some kind of circle without a center. It was inclined.

"I cannot say what kind of object it was with 100% accuracy, any more than I can say what it was not. There was a strange sensation, [as though] one were on the road at night and a car came towards you and you were blinded by the high-beams. You could not see the car, only the light. That was how it felt to me ... I couldn't really see anything except the blinding Light.

"Several seconds passed, I don't know [how many]. I took out my camera, but my head was spinning. I tried to take snapshots, even though the film was not for night photos. I thought I could make exposures [but] the object began to move. It withdrew [away] from the house and disappeared in about 50-60 seconds. Practically a moment and I could no longer see it. How did it leave? I cannot say; either up, or around a 45-degree corner, that was it. I stayed up about 30 minutes longer, then went to bed.

"In the morning about 10 o'clock, I went to the kitchen to drink some tea. A neighbour called and said, 'Did you look out the window? There is something incomprehensible!'

"I looked out and I myself could not understand the sight below my own window ... it was astonishing!

"The approximate time I had been observing? About 40 seconds, a minute at the most. When could this have been made? As it was leaving, moving up, it seemed to me, [it was] followed behind by some kind of tail; how many, I don't know.

"There, if you please, is the whole thing. [Only the] photographs of the Circles remain. I took them from the window [and shot] what [the Light] had left below. For more, you must look for yourselves."

Along with his story, the publication also included several of
Mr. Avdeyev photos taken from the fifth and ninth floors of the apartment building. The caption for one picture reads: "The diameter of the Circles was 8 meters (~ 24 feet). The regular step of the Rings spaced 20 centimetres (~8 inches) apart. The height of each Snow Ring: 6-8 centimetres (~ 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches)."

Three days later on December 23, Mr. Avdeyev again photographed the Rings from the 9th floor. His caption reads: "Along the perimeter of the Rings it was sunken. Many footsteps within the Circle, but the structure was still apparent."

TRANSLATION from Russian to English: The article was translated for the circle investigator Ilyes, by Leslie Spotkov, Assistant Director of the North Olympic Library System in Port Angeles, WA. The researcher would be most thankfull  to receive any further information on this case. Please respond to:  ilyes@earthlink.net.