RUSSIA, Ural, Cyxom (Kyshtym) Lore
spirals in snow

Early in the morning on Tuesday, November 23rd 2004, employees at the primary school in the Russian town
Cyxom/Kyshtym Lore found three large snow circles (spirals) on the snow covered ground. The largest spiral measured
thirty metres (!) in diameter, the middle one was ten metres, and the third one was smaller, no measurement given.

At first they thought is was a joke, but changed their minds later on. They came to the conclusion that it might have
been "aliens", because people had reported seeing an unusual glow over the school the previous day the spirals arrived.
To be on the safe side (it is a school and so there are children) the school director informed the Office of Epidemic Care
and Prevention. The specialists who examined the scene could not determine the source of the spirals, and decided
to measure for radioactivity and electro-magnetic radiation. No anomalous values were found.


Thanks to Andreas Müller & Bert Janssen for providing the info and the translation from Dutch! ♥

RUSSIA Three circles (spirals) found in the snow by the primary school in Cyxom Lore Nov. 23 2004  PHOTOS: Internet

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