CANADA, Ontario 2005
Circle in river ice

On the 9th of December 2005 the ice circle underneath was found near Sudbury, Ontario, in snow-covered creek ice.
The seemingly perfect circlular formation is approximately 12-18 metres (40-60 feet) in diameter, with a
2.5-5 centimetre (1-2 inch) deep 'V'-shaped groove in the ice defining the circle's perimeter. There is another
possible groove a few inches inside of the outer groove.

The circle is in a bend of the creek. According to Paul Anderson at the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network it might
be possible that this is a type of ice ring that has formed from a swirling eddy, as is believed to be the cause of most
such formations (with more diffuse edges). Yet the sharp, incised edge is more difficult to explain, and in this regard
is is similar to the ice circle at Delta, Ontario in 2000 (see photo just below). A strong, unpleasant smell had also been
reported a few weeks previously in the area.

Source: The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network - CCCRN

Sudbury, Ontario  -  December  9th 2005

Close up of the upper side (shot from another angle).

         Close up of the right side.   PHOTOS: David Chevrier

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