RUSSIA, Ural, Jekaterinburg
21th of November 2007
snow rings

These snow rings were discovered the night between the 6th and the 7th of November in the town
Jekaterinburg in the province Sverdlovsk Oblast in the region of Ural. The snow formation was found
at a play ground between appartment buildings in 53 Tsvillinga street.

Photo: Safonov Denis

The snow formation consisted of consentric rings of snow 10-15 cm wide, with bare ground in between.
The total diamter was about 30 metres. The inner ring had a diameter of 40-50 cm.

Photo: Safonov Denis

Photo: Safonov Denis

For more pictures, see the photografer's web site.

The in iformation above is an extract from a report ( se part 2 quite far down in the report) on the Russian
web site NGOclub. The text seems to have been traslated from Russian by automatic translation program.
The meaning behind the sentences is thus often difficult to grasp.

SOURCE: NGOclub and Infinite8 Livejournal

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