RUSSIA, Kazan in the Republic of Tartarstan                                                 
6th of November 2007
snow circles

The following information is posted in a report on the web site of NGO club Kosmopoisk ,
(The club represents more than 50 public NGOs and non-profit organisations, science organisations
and groups of enthusiasts of all the world, in CIS countries, Europe and Asia.)

The text in the report seems to have been traslated from Russian by automatic translation program.
The meaning behind the sentences is thus often difficult to grasp.

The following is an attempt to extract the essential information from the report:

The snow circles were discovered on the 6th of November by the Russian woman "Valentina" from
her balcony on the 8th floor of her appartment building in the town of Kazan.
Right next to the appartment building is a playground where the snow formation was found.

At about 10pm, as Valentina was about to go to bed, her two cats (and another pet?) started to
behave strangely. She felt "forced to" go out on the balcony, from where she discovered the snow pattern.

The concentric circles were centred around one of several birch trees standing next to a garage in the
total radius of the circle pattern was about 10 metres, and the distance between the ridges about 15cm.

Some witnesses reported headaches while observing the snow pattern.

This snow circle resembles another snow formation in the area in 1990. That formation, discovered close to a
hospital, was also centered around a tree.


Norwegian Crop Circle Group