RUSSIA, Moskow
20th of December 1990

snow rings

On the
20th of December 1990 the russian man K. Avdeyev was watching the news. Suddenly his attention was
drawnagainst the window. Despite the fact that it was late in the evening, it looked like daylight outside. He went
over to thewindow, looked out from his appartment on the 9th floor, and was almost blinded by the very strong light
shining from a ball shaped luminosity 2 - 3 metres in diametre. The light continued to shine for 40 - 60 seconds, and
then disappeared
in the blink of an eye.
At 10am the following morning a snow patternl was discovered on the ground, underneath where the BOL had hovered.
The snow pattern, 8 metres in diametre, consisted of 22 concentric rings about 20 cm apart and 6-8 cm deep.
Interestinly a smaller version of the ring pattern 1,5 metres wide, was found inside the main pattern, not far from the
periphery. The incident was reported in the UFO-magazine HAO nr. 3-1991.
The picture below is a photo copy of the cover of the magazine issue, and is the only known photo of the formation.
The original article was translated by Leslie Spotkov, ass. dir. in The North Olympic Library System i Port Angeles, WA.

Ilyes (CSSS/US-network) has also studied the case, and her article was posted on Crop Circle Connector.

   Russian artitclel about the circle  in HAO ufo-magazine 1991 nr. 3

Norsk Kornsirkelgruppe